miércoles, 17 de noviembre de 2010

Warrior Princess comission

Work in progress, basically my client wants a Xena figure with a different head. to resemble someone he knows.

I took all the crits and suggestions from friends and colleagues at several forums and made several changes: the face looks more femenine now (i think the problem was the resin skull i'm using to construct, it has more of a manly shape, specially the jaw bone) gave more volume to the neck (Thanks to Katherine Dewey for pointing that out :D) and reshape the arms a tad. Didn't wanted to enlarge the hips as i still need to add a few layers of clothing and i don't want it to end up looking like Beyonce :D , Had lots of fun making the threads of the skirt and the rings on the arms and boots....NOT! still waiting for client's approval before painting.

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